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Tri band booster for your Office | Office provides mobile coverage in your office

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The Office Tri band booster boosts all mobile 2G phone signals and 3G 4G data into large buildings.

The Office Tri band booster ensures that all operators are amplified for 2G Voice(GSM) and 3G 4G data.

Used for large buildings where the indoor coverage is weak or non existent. It amplifies 900Mhz(2G), 1800Mhz(4G) and 2100Mhz ( 3G).

The Tri band booster is very useful for offices where many people will be with many different operators and will be using voice, email and 3G internet. All options are covered so  you don’t need to think about which frequency to use.

This booster has 4 indoor antennas. Each antenna will amplify 1000Mt2

Total = 4000Mt2 coverage.

The Office Tri band booster is used in large installations such as hospitals, hotels, multistory offices etc.

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