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Marine Repeater for big ships| 4000M2 coverage Tri-Band

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The Marine repeater is used for larger ships where you have internal steel walls which block the signal from the indoor antennas from passing into the neighbouring rooms. It comes with 4x indoor antennas.

The Marine repeater comes with an external omni-directional antenna which picks up the signal from all operators 360 degrees around the ship.

All EU operators are amplified. All other operators around the world are amplified too, with the exception of America, South America and Canada.

The theoretical maximum distance the repeater can amplify the signal from is 30km.

ship distance

The Marine repeater will improve mobile reception in your boat:

The  Marine Repeater comes with an external omni-directional antenna which is mounted high up on the mast. This receives the signal from all operators 360deg around the ship. A 15Mt cable then transmits the signal to the 4 port  amplifier which is located inside the ship. The power output from each port on the 4 port Stella Marine repeater is amplified (ie. the signal to every indoor antenna is independently amplified – it is not a passive splitter), so you get a very powerful signal to each of the 4 x indoor antennas.

For example, on a large ship with with many levels, you can put 1 indoor antenna on each level.

The standard 4 port Marine repeater kit includes:

  • an outdoor omni-antenna,
  • an indoor mounted repeater,
  • 15m LMR400 coaxial cable,
  • 4x indoor antennas and
  • power supply.

 The 4 port Marine repeater comes as a triband or a 5 band system


  • 900+1800+2100 (Triband)
  • 800 + 900 + 1800 + 2100 + 2600 (5 Band)
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