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900Mhz Signal Booster for your Office | Office900 Kit Repeater

€ 1.028,50 (inclusief btw)
  • Frequency: 900Mhz
  • Coverage: 4 X 1000m2 = 4000Mt2 (can be increased up to 16000mt2)
  • Amplifies mobile signals for all European operators.
  • Once installed,  system manages itself. Monitors operators networks and controls its power intelligently
  • Oscillation / interference detection. Automatic Gain Control /adjustment.
  • Uplink switch off ( repeater is on standby until a phone call is made / data is passed.)
  • Ideal for  hotels, hospitals, office buildings, underground basements, restaurants,  airport, shopping centres.


How the Office 900Mhz signal booster works:

The Office 900Mhz signal booster boosts 900Mhz mobile signal into offices, large buildings, hospitals and more. It is the most economical solution in the marketplace for this task.

The Office900 receives 900Mhz mobile signal in your area from all nearby cellular towers. The received signals are sent to the  900Mhz signal booster via coaxial cable, which amplifies the signal. The Office repeater has  4 independently  amplified outputs which are connected to 4 indoor panel antennas. These can be placed anywhere in your building. Each antenna covers 1000m2 (open space). Your mobile phones can then connect to this 900Mhz signal.

Ideal for large scale commercial use eg. hotels, hospitals, office buildings, sky scrapers, restaurants, supermarkets, airport, department stores.


What you get:

  • Outdoor  antenna.
  • Length of coaxial cable from the outdoor omni to the Office900  booster. (15m). LMR240. spec
  • Office 900Mhz signal booster..
  • 4 Indoor panel antennas.
  • 3 Individual lengths of coaxial cable(15m) to connect the internal panel antennas .*
  • 1 Power supply.

*One panel connects directly to the repeater so a fourth cable is not needed.

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