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3G Booster for your Office | Office2100 Repeater Kit

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The Office 3G booster overview:

The Office 3G booster is uses to amplify the 3G signal for large offices and buildings where the internal 3G signal is poor. It amplifies the 3G signal for all  EU operators.

The kit comes with 4x indoor antennas. Each of these indoor antennas will cover 1000Mt2, ie.  4000Mt2 of signal coverage.  With this repeater voice will also also be amplified provided that the phone is a 3G phone.

The Office 3G booster is ideal for large buildings  eg. hotels, hospitals, office buildings,restaurants, supermarkets, airport, shopping malls.

2100Mhz (3G)  Explained

3G at 2100Mhz is used by the operators for high speed data. They also use it for voice, so if the phone is a 3G phone, the 3G booster will amplify voice as well as 3G data.



What you get:

  • The 4 port Office 3G Amplifier kit contains:
  • External high gain antenna
  • 15Mt high quality cable
  • 4 Port Amplifier
  • 4 indoor antennas
  • 3 Individual lengths of coaxial cable(15m) to connect the internal panel antennas.*
  • power supply

*One panel connects directly to the repeater so a fourth cable is not needed.

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